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First Day of Free Agency Open Thread

Alright, the signings have started, ladies and gentlemen. . .consider this your Daily Norseman stop for discussing what's going on!

According to CBS Sportsline, the Redskins are the winners of the "Who Gets to Vastly Overpay Albert Haynesworth" sweepstakes.  Apparently the numbers there are 7 years, $100 million.  That's a whole lot of money right there.

Nothing on the Vikings' front yet. . .but apparently on NFL Live last night (after yours truly was fast asleep), former Bengals' wide receiver T.J. Houshmanzadeh said that the Vikings were one of the teams he'd like to play for because he'd love to play with Adrian Peterson.  Hey, really. . .who wouldn't love to be teammates with the best running back in the league?

So, talk about today's free agent happenings here, folks. . .and we'll be back with more later on!