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A New Twist in the Favre Saga

Tom Powers, of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, has the latest on the Brett Favre saga, part two.

Look, do you want to build for some future run at a title or do you want to win right now? The Vikings build every year. They've never won a title. ... Signing Favre won't compromise their future. What would it hinder, more development time for Jackson? Geez, he's already had years.

His article - which is well worth the read - brings up some great points. And I can't disagree with all of them.

Apparently, Favre will skip the Pro-Bowl to nurse his injured bicep. Now, sit back and ask yourself this question, "Would you rather end your career with a Pro-Bowl appearance or nursing an injury because you are afraid to hurt it worse?"

Powers' guess is that Favre is seriously considering returning for next year. And the Vikings are his No. 1 option.

I haven't been a huge supporter of the "Anti-Favre" club, but the potential of seeing Favre in purple would take some getting used to. I would only want Favre if the Vikings don't pursue another quarterback option; such as McNabb, Cassel, Sanchez, or Freeman.

From the looks of things, Minnesota is behind Jackson for at least one more year. As Powers mentioned, what harm would be done if Favre were brought to the Twin Cities?

I don't understand the hate Favre receives from his play this year. Sure, he is still thought of as a hated rival, but he can help bring the first Super Bowl to our empty fingers.

Those who are anti-Favre rely on his high interception total from his last month. I'll concede that Favre lacks arm strength - when his biceps are injured.

What it all boils down to, for me at least, is whether you are willing to risk a potential Super Bowl-caliber season simply because you can't stand the thought of Favre in a purple jersey.

While I don't totally agree with Powers, I do think that if Favre came to the 'Dome 2009 could be one of the most exciting seasons yet.