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Cassel Franchised

Well, the Patriots did it. They franchised Matt Cassel.

Cassel is still technically a free agent, but if the Vikings or any other team want him, it'll cost quite a bit. Like two first round picks quite a bit.

Personally, I loved the idea of bringing Cassel in to take over for our current poo-poo platter of quarterbacks, but he'll cost way too much. There's no doubt he exceeded everyone's expectations this past season, but there are still way too many questions about him:

  • Will he get Derek Anderson Syndrome, fizzling out after being a one-year wonder at QB?
  • Was he a product of the Belichick System, which makes the "Kick Ass Offense" look like it was drawn in the sand? (Note: I'm still waiting for definitive proof that the K.A.O. isn't actually drawn in the sand.)
  • Even if he plays as well as he did this past season or better, is that worth giving up two first rounders?

I believe there are very few people in the league that are worth trading two first round picks for, and Matt Cassel is not one of them. But what do you guys think? Let us know on the poll and comments.