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Pro Football Talk Gives Award to Jared Allen; Earth Still Rotating on Axis

The dislike that Pro Football Talk has for the Minnesota Vikings is fairly obvious to anybody that can read above a second-grade level of comprehension.  Whether it's the constant whining about Jared Allen being a "dirty" player (he's not, and he's not close) or the constant jabs about other Minnesota players or numerous "Love Boat" references. . .yes, people are still making those references this far after the fact. . .it's fairly obvious that PFT's second-favorite football team is the Minnesota Vikings.

It's just that the other 31 teams are all tied for the distinction of their true favorite.

Which, in my opinion, makes it that much funnier that the folks at PFT have named Jared Allen as their "Alan Page Award" winner for the 2008 season.  Of course, the award couldn't be given without the firing of a couple of completely unnecessary shots at #69. . .not that we'd expect anything more. . .but the fact remains that Allen was deemed to be the best defensive lineman in the NFL this past season by PFT.

I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that if you come across anybody out there that thinks Jared Allen is a "dirty" football player, you've obviously come into contact with a complete idiot that can not be dealt with intelligently or rationally.  Should you find yourself in this situation, simply point out the following:

1) Jared Allen is better than their team's defensive ends
2) Jared Allen is tougher than their team's defensive ends
3) If they're a fan of an NFC North team, remind them that Jared Allen spent at least one matchup against each of their teams in 2008 causing their team's quarterback to thoroughly soil themselves for four quarters of play.
4) Their team would love to have "that dirty SOB" coming off of the edge for them.  Oh, and also, he's not a dirty player.

Congratulations on the "award," such as it is, Jared.