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In Case You're Wondering Where I've Been

Good evening, all.  Just wanting to let everybody know that yours truly is probably going to remain fairly silent this week.  The reason behind that is because I'm studying my tail off for my Air Force promotion test.  The actual test will take place on Monday morning, but I'm spending this week with my nose buried in the books preparing for it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how the WAPS (Weighted Airman Promotion System) works, you can read about it thanks to Wikipedia.  Basically, next Monday morning I'll be taking the PFE and SKT tests. . .and then I get to wait until June to find out whether or not I actually scored well enough to get promoted to E-6.  That aspect of it sucks, but hopefully it will end up being worth the wait.  I only missed getting promoted last year by a little more than 5 points, so hopefully this year I can make up that gap.  The extra responsibility and career advancement would be nice.

After my test is done, things should be picking up around here.  Not only will my promotion stuff be out of the way, but I'm also done with Honor Guard until mid-June, so I shouldn't have any outside distractions and should be able to devote much more time and effort to the site here.  I apologize to anyone that feels that I've been derelict in my duty here thus far, but as you can see, I've had a lot going on.

That's all for this evening, folks. . .continue enjoying your Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen!