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An Update on Minnesota Sports


As Gonzo pointed out below, All is Quiet on the Northern Front. I havn't been nearly as active as I would like to be, partly due to the fact that absolutely nothing is happening. It could just be a matter of perspective, but many of us are getting very fed up with this lack of activity.

To keep our minds away from the current status of Cutler's house on the market (seven bathrooms and a dog run? Seriously?), or the current age of Torry Holt here is a brief look at the current state of the other Minnesota sports.

MLB - Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins, currently enjoying life with no snow in Fort Myers, Florida, are sporting an 8-6 record in the Grapefruit league. While that is good enough for fourth place, it really has no meaning at all.

The addition of Joe Crede has been the biggest news to come out of the Twin Cities for quite a while now, and his performance come Opening Day is highly anticipated.

In other news, Joe Mauer is looking at another possible stint on the DL. One of the most discussed things right now among Twins fans is what they should do if Mauer is forced to sit out a month or more.

NCAA Basketball - Minnesota Golden Gophers

Following a loss to Michigan State, the Golden Gophers find themselves perched on the preverbial "bubble." How much of a chance do they have to earn a seeding in the March Madness Tournament, which starts next Thursday? (Well, techincally Tuesday, but nobody cares about the play-in game.)

Selection Sunday will be held on CBS tomorrow afternoon. Some "experts" believe the Gophers are a lock for the tournament, but did that (expected) loss to the Spartans hurt them any? We'll find out soon enough...

NHL - Minnesota Wild

Through 68 games, the Wild are just below the cut-off line in the Western Conference. I'm not going to pretend that I know a single thing about hockey, so I won't offer any analysis or opinions.

I do know, however, that Marian Gaborlik trade rumors are heating up. He becomes a free agent on July 1, and seems determined to test the free agent market as he has refused offers from the Wild front office.

Gaborlik is recovering from injury right now, but should be able to provide any team he ends up with a great stretch run.

NBA - Minnesota Timberwolves

More attention is being paid to the upcoming draft than any particular game in Timberwolf land. With a record of 19-46, the T-Wolves aren't the worst team in the league, but they should have a fairly good shot at a good draft pick.


Feel free to discuss the state of other Minnesotan sports for a while before we jump right back into the Vikings.