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A Sunday Soiree Into the Vikings' Blogosphere

Well, ladies and gentlemen, in less than 23 hours, I'll be sitting in a room in the Sablich Center at Keesler AFB taking my promotion tests. (Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, by the way. I appreciate them!) I'm taking a break from studying to burn a movie onto DVD for Mrs. Gonzo and I to watch later and start thumbing through Pro Football Weekly's draft preview and my newly acquired copy of The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer, so I thought I'd give you fine folks something to read.

This seemed to be pretty popular the last time I did it, and now that our little site here is on Yahoo!, these sites should get even more exposure than they did the last time I put one of these together. The more, the merrier, I always say. Anyway, after the jump, we'll have a look at what all the other folks that comprise the Vikings blogosphere are talking about these days.

--Capital J, like many of us, is wondering why Torry Holt hasn't been to town yet.

--The folks at Grant's Tomb are also thinking about Torry Holt. . .but their thoughts are a bit different than you might think.

--Luft's Locker Room has one of those "Pardon our dust" signs that you see in stores that are renovating. I like the new look, personally, but it will get better with the "proper" color scheme.

--Pacifist Viking has an A through Z of Tarvaris Jackson thoughts.

--The Purple Buckeye doesn't seem to be terribly pleased that the Vikings retained Benny Sapp. Can't argue with his logic too much, really.

--The Purple Trojan has an off-topic post about Thursday's epic Syracuse/UConn basketball game.

--Over at the Ragnarok, in addition to analyzing the No Logo Needed mock draft they're a part of, they're continuing the "Solving Our Problems" series with looks at former Seahawk FB Leonard Weaver and former Cleveland OT Kevin Shaffer.

--At Skol Vikes, Newt is tracking all the Vikings' free agency happenings. It's been a pretty tough job thus far, what with all the activity and everything.

--The Viking Age takes a look at a couple of the mock drafts that have been run over at the Four-Letter, and specifically who the Vikings are selecting in those drafts.

--Vikings Gab wonders if there's a method to the Vikings' free agency madness. . .or the lack thereof.

--Vikes Geek takes a look at the loss of Matt Birk in his own upbeat, chipper style.

--Viking Nation is also tracking Minnesota's off-season moves to this point.

--Vikings Vigil states the obvious. . .there really isn't a whole lot going on in Viking land at the moment.

--VikeVision hasn't updated in a while, but they still have the cool header graphic that includes the girl with the purple eyes, which is awesome.

--Vikings Vixen? Yes, still very, very pink. She also doesn't appear to be a big fan of the Sage Rosenfels signing.

--Vikings War Cry speculates on stories from earlier this week that imply that T.J. Houshmandzadeh didn't sign with the Vikings because of Tarvaris Jackson. (Because, you know, he obviously didn't know who Minnesota's starting QB was before the Vikings treated him like royalty for two days.)

And there you go! I'm going to get back to the books here, so I hope everyone enjoys the links. Hopefully I'll be back later this afternoon with something extra, but if I'm not, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I'll be back after I test tomorrow!