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Well, That's Over

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. . .the test is over and done with, and now I get the joy of waiting until June to find out if all my hard work and studying paid off, or if I get to go through the same thing this time next year.  I appreciate the thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes that all of you folks out there sent my way over the course of the past week or so. . .hopefully some good will come of it!

Unfortunately, with the test being finished, not all is sunshine and lollipops over at this end.  While I was studying last night, my computer decided to. . .if I may use technical jargon. . .crap the bed.  I had a full-on master hard disk failure, and I'm awaiting a Dell technician to come out and replace the hard drive.  This has helped me to learn the lesson of getting some sort of backup apparatus when my computer is up and running again, whether it's an external hard drive or one of those online backup services, because everything that's on my current hard drive is going to be gone.  Hopefully that problem will be solved no later than Wednesday.

And, once again, it's been an uncharacteristically quiet off-season in Viking land thus far.  Our players aren't running anyone over with cars or whining about being disrespected or being shielded from the media two weeks after being made the highest-paid defensive player in league history or anything crazy like that.  And while that makes for a lot of stability. . .it makes for a really dull off-season.

However, we're officially less than six weeks away from the 2009 NFL Draft, and things will finally start heating up here with speculation about who the Beloved Purple might select. . .or who they might trade their draft picks for.  Regardless of what happens, we'll be right here for every second of it.

Thanks again to all of you for making this site what it is, and thanks again for the well-wishes on my test.  We'll see you back here tomorrow, hopefully with something that's actually related to our favorite team.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday, ladies and gentlemen. . .the Jack Bauer Happy Fun Time Killing and Death Hour kicks off in a little less than three hours.