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Cutler to NFC North?

Since the news broke that Jay Cutler is saddling up, and riding out of Denver, there has been rampant speculation that 3 of 4 NFC North teams could pursue the jaded QB.  While he would fit in with just about any team in the NFL (who is lacking a solid QB), the emphasis seems to still be placed on NFC North teams.

To start, Kevin Seifert, has speculated (just as I am currently doing) that with the exception of Green Bay, any team in the NFC North is in desperate need of a QB as proven as Jay Cutler.

Looking at Cutler's stats over his tenure at Denver suggests that Mr. Seifert is correct in his estimation. 

One other key figure to look out for is the Denver running attack over the past three seasons - 1862yds (total/combined 2008), 1957yds (total/combined 2007), 2152yds (total combined 2006).

While looking at these stats comparatively against Cutler's passing yardage per year, a picture emerges that suggests Denver was moving toward a passing attack, and away from rush yardage.

If Cutler ended up in Minnesota, I (and many of you) could only image seeing less touches for the AD/Chester combo.  Would that be a bad thing?  Might take Peterson out of Pro Bowl status, but would certainly NOT make him any less lethal on the field.  The ability to stretch defenses would only help AD - and might actually improve his YPG to a level never seen before in the NFL.

The question remains:  is Sage Rosenfels enough of an answer at QB to achieve this situation, or should we begin pursuing Cutler with everything we've got?

To be fair, I never (ever), want to see this happen while Sage is in purple.