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Purple Jesus Saves

In this case, he (along with three other, and as yet unnamed, NFL players) is saving a community college football program in Northern Iowa.

The NIACC football team has hope.

It was announced Tuesday that the program is being canceled due to budget cuts, but head coach Steve LaLonde said Thursday that Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson is willing to give the program enough money to help get it through the 2009 season.

“Adrian Peterson has agreed to donate money to our football program, as well as three other NFL players,” said LaLonde, who spoke today for the first time since the announcement was made that football was being dropped. “This was confirmed this morning," LaLonde said.

Ladies and gentlemen, just another fine example of the fact that Adrian Peterson is everything that a National Football League player should be.  He's the best running back in football, and he's every bit the man off the field that he is on it.  The folks at North Iowa Area Community College are celebrating this morning because of his contributions.  I hope that the names of the three other players that are involved with this surface as well.