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Purple Jesus Does NOT Save. . .But Not Through Any Fault Of His Own

You know that warm, fuzzy story that I posted this morning about Adrian Peterson donating $150,000 to a community college in northern Iowa in order to keep their football program afloat for another season.

Yeah. . .about that. . .

Minnesota Vikings all-pro Adrian Peterson never offered to help save the NIACC football program.

Kevin Griffin, who initially was identified as a NIACC assistant coach, told head coach Steve LaLonde on Thursday that Peterson and three other NFL players were willing to give the school up to $150,000.

It turns out that wasn’t the case as Griffin said in a phone interview with the Globe Gazette Friday evening that he never spoke directly to Peterson.

“I made a mistake and anything that comes out of this falls on me,” said Griffin, who started coaching duties at NIACC on Monday. “Nothing ever came out of Adrian’s mouth.

So basically, this Kevin Griffin person. . .who has ties to Purple Jesus going back to his high school days. . .made up this entire story.

Nice going there, guy.

The NIACC football program is still being disbanded, barring $171,996 actually falling into the school's lap in order to keep it going.  Hopefully, if somebody does step forward to save them after this, they'll get some sort of verification first.

Adrian Peterson, by the way?  Still awesome, if you're keeping track at home.