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The Daily Norseman Gets More Sociable

Yes, as I'm sure you've no doubt noticed, yours truly appears to have finally gotten the hang of this Twitter thing.  Thanks to the good folks at Twitterfeed, now our own Twitter will be updated every time a new story gets posted here on the site.  So, if you've got yourself a Twitter, or you'd just like to follow ours, click on the link above and search out DailyNorseman, start following us, and you'll be updated within minutes of us putting a new story up on the site.

We've also got a new fan page up on FaceBook, for those of you that are on there.  I'm not exactly 100% sure what I'm going to use this page for yet, but FaceBook is pretty great, so I'm sure I'll find some use for it somehow.  If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pass them along.

Also, we've got a new MySpace page to top it all off.  I know that some of you have subscribed to the current page, but I think I'm going to turn that one into more of a personal MySpace page. . .which is what it's sort of turned into anyway. . .so here's the link to the new MySpace page.  If you've subscribed to my old one, feel free to switch on over.

So, with that, I realize that I've let the site lapse a little bit in recent weeks, and I'm going to see to it that that changes.  What I want to know from you folks out there are what sort of things you'd like to see here on the site.  What I mean is ideas for stories and so forth.  Sure, we do the talk about what the team is doing as far as signings and so forth, and over the course of the off-season, we're hoping to get into some Vikings history and things of that nature.  But what kind of stuff do YOU, the ass-kicking readers of the best Vikings' blog on the planet, want to see us talk about?

That's our main topic of discussion for this Sunday, I think.  Subscribe, bookmark, and tell your friends all about our new social websites, and tell us what you want. . .what you really, really want.

(Sorry about that.  If you want to watch the linked video with the sound off, you're forgiven.  It actually improves the quality of the video if you do, now that I think about it.)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, ladies and gentlemen.  As always, if anything develops with the Beloved Purple, we'll have it here as soon as we hear about it.