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The 2009 SBNation NFL Mock Draft is On!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the best damn mock draft on the entire internet is underway in earnest, as the first three picks of the 2009 SBNation NFL Mock Draft are up and ready at SBNation's draft site, Mocking the Draft.  The folks at MtD have done an outstanding job since the site's relaunch, and they've got all sorts of player profiles and other goodness for your consumption.

The draft will be moving along at the rate of about three picks a day.  Some of the picks are already known to us SBNation football bloggers, but they'll be going up on the site at that pace.  The hope is that we'll get through two rounds of the draft (no trades) in time for the real thing in April.

With that pace having been established, the first-round pick for the Beloved Purple will be posted at MtD on 30 March.  A couple of days prior to that, I'll be posting a poll and looking for feedback on our pick from you readers out there from a group that we could actually see the Vikings selecting with the 22nd overall pick.  That's the way we've done it for the past couple of SBNation mock drafts, and now that we have more readers than ever, the debate and interaction should be even more outstanding than it has been in the past.

Speaking of mock drafts, I was asked to do Minnesota's pick in the mock draft over at our Titans site, Music City MiraclesPhiladelphia's pick at 21 and our pick at 22 should be up on their site shortly.  Hopefully everyone will like the selection that was made.  They've got up to pick #20 posted on their site if you'd like to peruse it and see who had been taken by the time I got asked to make our selection.  (The player that was taken at #21 isn't relevant, because he's not a guy that's on Minnesota's radar anyway, as you'll soon see.)

So, feel free to fire up the draft discussion, folks.  Over the next few weeks, we'll start taking a bit more in-depth look at some of the players that Minnesota should be looking at with their first-round selection, and maybe some guys that could be there in the second round, too.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll be back here again tomorrow!