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The Sunday Viking Vegur

Now, you might be wondering what, exactly, that last word is up there.  No, Gonzo didn't just pass out on the keyboard after a few shots of Skol-Aid or anything crazy like that.

In attempting to come up with a name for what's going to be a regular Sunday feature (during the off-season, anyway), I went to this website and started typing in English words that would make for a catchy name for this particular sort of thing.  And it turns out that the word "vegur" not only makes for a pretty cool bit of alliteration, but it's also the old Norse word for "journey."  And since that's what this is, that's the name we're going with.

So, for this particular vegur, we're going to go in reverse alphabetical order.  Give some of the other sites top billing here.  And, remember, you can reach all of these websites via the Blogroll on the right-hand side of the page.

--Vikings War Cry has a lot of talk about a certain former Vikings' QB that seems to have gone around the twist, by George.  (Get it?  "George?"  Ah, what do you know from funny?)

--Viking Vigil has an interesting three-way trade proposal involving the Vikings, Browns, and Broncos that would end up with the Vikings getting Jay Cutler.  I'm for it.  Then again, I'm biased.

--Vikings Now mentions some of the prospects that will be visiting Winter Park before the draft.  They've got everything you want. . .brother, they know the names.

--Viking Nation takes a brief look at the new "Brady Rule" that was passed recently by the National Football League.

--Vikes Geek gives us his views on the re-signing of FB Nahfahu Tahi.

--The Viking Age updates us on what a relatively obscure former Vikings' WR is doing with his life after football.

--Vike Vision talks about why the Vikings won't be dealing for Jay Cutler.  And they still have the girl with the purple eyes in their banner graphic, which I love.

--Skol Vikes is also talking about Tahi, Cutler, and some of the Vikings' other free agent activity.

--The Ragnarok has made their pick in the No Logo Needed mock draft they're participating in.  I won't give the pick away or anything. . .but there's a chance that our pick in the SBNation draft could end up the same.

--The Purple Trojan discusses what to do with ourselves during the long, dark tea-time that is springtime for NFL fans.

--Pacifist Viking muses a bit on the Vikings' quiet off-season thus far.

--Kevin Seifert, as always, has plenty of good info on the entire NFC North.

--Grant's Tomb agrees with PV's post above and advises us to not panic about the slow off-season in Minnesota.

--Capital J takes a pre-draft look at the Vikings' WR corps.  Yeah, they're not great. . .but compare them to the first year of the Childress era.

--And, as always, Access Vikings is your source for all the news that is news coming out of Winter Park.

And that's the Vegr for this afternoon, folks!  Remember, there's still time to vote in the poll for the Vikings' first-round pick in the SBNation Mock Draft.  So if you haven't already voted, jump on it!  We'll see you back here tomorrow, folks.