2009 SBNation Mock Draft - PLEASE READ

You know that thing that I talked about potentially happening that I didn’t think had any chance of happening? Remember, with that one guy that I didn’t think could possibly fall to #22 overall actually landing in Minnesota’s laps?

Yeah. . .we need to seriously discuss what action to take if that happens.

Now, Percy Harvin is currently leading in our poll, but that poll didn't include Mark Sanchez, largely because I didn't think there was any way he would get to us.  But now, there appears to be a much better than average chance that that happens.

So. . .if I were to go by the poll, Percy Harvin would be our selection.  If Sanchez is there, do we scrap that and go with the QB, or do we still stick with Harvin?

Have at it, folks!

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