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The Parade of Re-signing Role Players Marches On

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The Vikings signed another free agent today. Unfortunately, it's becoming obvious that they're very xenophobic, because they only seem interested in re-signing their "own kind" instead of going after players from other teams.

No matter who mediocre their own kind may be.

The Star Tribune is reporting that the Vikes re-signed CB Benny Sapp to a one-year deal, worth something above the league minimum. Sapp isn't going to be confused as a shutdown corner any time soon, but he did get quite a bit of playing time last previous season after Charles Gordon's ankle did its best impression of origami. He ended up with two interceptions, but easily quintupled that number in boneheaded penalties and blown coverages. Judging from what I've read from most commenters on this site about Sapp, this move probably won't go down as the crowning achievement of the 2009 free agency period.

I agree that re-signing Sapp excited me about as much as a visit to the proctologist, but at least it adds a little depth. Emphasis on little. More importantly, what this tells me is that the Vikings are probably going to lose out on the Karl Paymah Sweepstakes (wow, never thought I'd ever type those three words). Although it was irresponsibly reported that Paymah would be visiting Winter Park this weekend, that has yet to happen. Apparently Baltimore, Tampa, and Cleveland are also interested in Mr. Paymah's services, and he's visiting them first.

Feel free to go back to your nap now; the free agency period has undoubtedly induced more sleep than excitement. Maybe tomorrow we can report on something really thrilling, like Naufahu Tahi!