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The Sunday Viking Vegur, Happy Easter Edition

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As I sit here watching coverage of The Masters. . .or, as CBS has apparently determined, the Woods/Mickelson pairing and a bunch of guys that don't mean much. . .flipping over to the Twins/White Sox game, looking at draft websites, reading draft magazines, and so forth, I'm incredibly happy that the biggest springtime event on the NFL calendar is just a couple of weeks away.  By this time two weeks from now, we'll know who all the newest Vikings are, as well as reading silly grades from the folks that attempt to grade a draft within hours of it being completed.  Some of us will be happy, some of us will be disappointed, but we'll all be excited about it.

The list of links for this week lies after the jump. . .and if you're looking for outstanding Masters coverage, you owe yourself a trip over to Waggle Room, SBNation's outstanding golfing blog, particularly if you'd like to track guys that aren't named Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.  (But, as I write this, Mickelson has just drained his second consecutive birdie and is now five strokes off the lead.  Sorry.)

--Capital J has been looking at the Vikings position-by-position going into the draft.  His latest piece is on the Vikings' defensive line.

--Grant's Tomb points out some fallacies of a recent article by Forbes Magazine about NFL Draft "success" and proves that, once again, business magazines should probably stick to writing about business.

--The Purple Buckeye has his own personal take on the Jay Cutler to Chicago trade.

--The Viking Age has a nice video clip of Jared Allen expressing how he's looking forward to getting re-acquainted with Cutler in the near future.

--Vikings Gab takes a look at the Vikings cornerback situation as it relates to the NFL Draft.

--Vikings War Cry has some random notes and observations about the Vikings as well.

And, really. . .that's pretty much it for this week.  If I've missed anything from any of your favorite Vikings blogs out there, leave a link in the comments section and I'll add it to the main article.  Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday, and we'll be back with more very soon!