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Vikings Not EmBoldined By Cardinals Receiver

The Arizona Cardinals have let it be known that stud wide receiver Anquan Boldin is on the trading block.  According to numerous sources, the price for Boldin has been set at a first-round and third-round draft choice.

Numerous teams are thought to be interested in Boldin, including the Eagles, the Ravens, and (depending on your source) the Vikings.  Access Vikings has said that the Beloved Purple aren't interested in dealing for Boldin, presumably because of the price tag the Cardinals have put on Boldin.  Not only that, but Boldin would also more than likely be seeking a contract extension worth $8-9 million a year.

This situation really isn't all that similar to last year's trade for Jared Allen, The reason I make that statement is that the Chiefs used the franchise tag on Jared Allen in 2008.  There were rumors that had the Vikings not traded for Allen prior to the 2008 draft, they were going to sign him to an offer sheet right after the draft and give up their first-round picks in 2009 and 2010.  Obviously, they worked out a deal before that, and the Vikings got the guy they wanted while, in theory, giving up less than they would have by signing a franchise player to an offer sheet.  The Vikings were probably going to select a defensive end at the #17 spot in 2008, and essentially gave up two third-round choices for a player that they already knew was a stud at the position.  Considering the draft day deal that the Jaguars made to move up and select Derrick Harvey, the Vikings made a pretty wise decision.

Boldin isn't in that situation.  He hasn't had the franchise tag placed on him, and the Cardinals, in theory, really don't have to trade him anywhere.  They don't have to give him a contract extension.  They can just have a ticked-off Anquan Boldin on the roster not playing and not producing, which really doesn't benefit him or the Cardinals.

Now, don't get me wrong here.  Given the choice, if we're going to draft a receiver in Round One anyway, I'd love to give up the extra #3 in order to acquire Boldin, because I think he's a truly great wide receiver.  However, the problem with this is the involvement of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Yes, the Eagles traded a first-round pick to the Buffalo Bills the other day to acquire offensive tackle Jason Peters. . .but they traded the 28th pick that they got from Carolina during the 2008 Draft (that allowed the Panthers to select OT Jeff Otah).  That means they still have the #21 overall pick in Round One.

The Eagles select one spot higher than the Vikings in every round of the draft.  This means that if the asking price is a #1 and a #3 for Boldin, Philly's #1 and #3 are both higher than our #1 and #3. . .so, in order to surpass that, we'd have to offer our #1 and #2 instead.  There are probably other teams interested, too, and their picks might even trump the Eagles' picks.  Nobody knows for sure.  But with that in mind, what kind of offer could the Vikings seriously make that would just blow up their entire 2009 draft?

We gutted our 2008 draft to acquire Jared Allen, and it did a world of good for our defense.  Would doing the same thing to acquire Anquan Boldin do the same thing for our offense in 2009?  I'm not so sure that it would.  After all, our quarterback play is still a question mark, and the production of a wide receiver depends greatly on the play of the QB, whereas a DE like Allen could make a difference all by himself.  If we were more stable at quarterback, I'd be jumping up and down and screaming for the Vikings to get something done here.

But we're not.  And we're not going to be any time soon.

That, in my opinion, is why this team doesn't appear to be serious about chasing Anquan Boldin.  Is it a good reason?  I don't know. . .that's up to everyone else to decide.  Just my opinion as to why it doesn't appear that Anquan Boldin is going to be wearing purple. . .or, at least, Viking purple. . .any time soon.