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Check Out the Latest Shutdown Corner Podcast

Just a quickie for this evening, ladies and gentlemen.  I just wanted to point everybody towards the latest installment of the Shutdown Corner podcast, which consists of a 90-minute breakdown of the first round of our SBNation Mock Draft.

This is the post-Cutler trade version, so the Broncos have two picks in this draft and the Bears aren't selecting at all.  Each of the SBNation football bloggers called their picks in to the Shutdown Corner hotline and left messages with a brief explanation of our picks.  The folks over at SC then broke the picks down and analyzed them.  The entire process is pretty interesting, and it flows a lot like the actual draft itself will on Saturday.

So, go over and check out the Podcast, and we'll be back tomorrow with more substantial draft analysis and prognostication.  We hope to see you back here then, folks.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your Monday night!