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The Value-Vs.-Need Discussion: 2007 Draft Edition

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When it comes to the NFL Draft, every team wants to "win." They want to hit a homerun with a player that most teams will overlook and reap the rewards on the field. Easier said than done...

One of the most discussed quandaries the "big chesses" of NFL franchies have is whether to draft for value or for need. To help them out, let's take a look at the 2007 Draft.

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1st Round, 7th Overall - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma

This pick is recognized as the best thing to happen to Vikings fans in a long time. It's one of those times where you remember where you were. (I was listening on the radio in the backyard while working on a To-Do list. My reaction was mostly positive, but I would've liked to grab Quinn before he fell any further. I think I've changed my mind.)

With the seventh pick, the Vikings were sitting at the crossroads between 'elite' picks and 'top-tier' picks. With an epically bad secondary the year before, safety LaRon Landry would have been an ideal pick. Ted Ginn Jr. would fill a need, but was he worth the 7th pick?

As we all know, the Vikings couldn't pass up on a talent like Peterson - even though a talent like Quinn was still on the board. The Vikings clearly drafted Peterson as a value pick, and it's worked out fairly well, wouldn't you say?

2nd Round, 44th Overall - Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina

This pick is a rarity in the NFL, and what every coach dreams of: a talented player who fills a need and isn't a reach. Rice, according to some draft experts, would have been a top-15 selection had he returned for his senior season in South Carolina.

The Vikings needed speed in their receiving corps, and Rice provided/is providing that. Rice hasn't played a full season yet, nor are his stats mindblowing, but he has shown glimpses of potential and should emerge as a very good receiver in the NFL. After all, he is only 22 years old.

3rd Round, 72nd Overall - Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State

At the time, this pick was viewed as one of the best of the draft. McCauley was held in high regard among draft experts, and the fact that he filled a need on the Minnesota roster only added icing to the cake.

McCauley hasn't exactly panned out as Vikings fans would have liked. In 2008, he started one game and totaled three tackles. Uh.. redo? Names like Trent Edwards or LaRon McLain - both of whom were drafted after McCauley - sound more appealing than McCauley.


Based on what you remember of the 2007 draft, what is the answer to my question? As a general rule, which is more important - drafting for value or drafting for need?