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The 2009 SBNation Mock Draft. . .It Is A-Changin'

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If you've been keeping track of things over at Mocking the Draft. . .and if you haven't, shame on you. . .you've seen that some of the picks in the 2009 SBNation Mock Draft were re-done after the trade between the Bears and the Broncos that sent Jay Cutler to the Windy City.  Basically, everyone from what was Chicago's selection at #18 onwards was allowed to re-do their pick if they so desired.

I won't spoil the new pick for you until after the jump. . .however, the new write-up is right here.

Yes, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Mark Sanchez.  I was really, really hoping that Jeremy Maclin would end up dropping to us at #22, but the folks at Bleeding Green Nation grabbed him for the Eagles with the pick right before ours.  There was a bit of confusion going on when the picks were being re-done, and I didn't get the opportunity to put anything up here to re-poll you fine readers again. . .so, I went with what I thought everyone would like to see in the scenario that was presented.

Now, frankly, Sanchez isn't/wasn't my first choice, personally.  For that matter, neither was Percy Harvin.  Had I left this pick entirely up to myself and not asked for a consensus, the name on the virtual card would have been Vontae Davis.  I attempted to balance that, what I thought Viking fans would want to see, and what I think the Vikings would actually do if this situation presented itself.  Lots of folks are screaming for a quarterback, especially given our current situation at the position, and since there's no realistic way that Sanchez is going to be available at #22 in the real draft. . .hell, he might go ahead of Matthew Stafford. . .he was too good a value for me to pass up in this fantasy draft.

Our second-round pick will be up in a few days, and I'll put a poll out there again with more potential names for us to grab for the Vikings.  Hopefully there won't be any "blockbuster" deals involving second-round picks that will cause us to have to backtrack again.  I apologize to everyone for the pick being changed and any confusion that might have taken place as a result, but things are running smoothly again now.