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He Ain't Heavy, He's Our Runner

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Earlier this off-season, the best running back in the National Football League had expressed a desire to add some more weight to his frame.  Not just a little bit of weight, either, but a pretty significant amount.

Adrian Peterson played last season at around 217 pounds, according to the Star-Tribune.  He has expressed his desire to get into camp this year at 230 pounds.  Now, it's not terribly hard to add 13 pounds over the course of a few months. . .hell, I think I've personally lost the same 20 pounds quite a few times over the course of the last couple of years.  But adding 13 "good" pounds is significantly harder.  And, to be honest, Brad Childress doesn't think that AP can get to 230.

Childress made it clear he doesn't think 230 pounds would be a good idea for Peterson.

"You just want guys to be efficient I think with what they have," he said. "The 230, the 12 pounds extra, I don't know where that came from. Did it come out of Adrian's mouth? Well, I'm thinking he's probably not going to get to 230, nor does he want to be at 230. And I would have no trouble telling him that or you."

Childress said adding some bulk could have benefits -- as long as it is good weight and doesn't affect Peterson's explosiveness and speed.

"You've got to still be able to generate and be elusive at the running back position," he said. "I think naturally he'll add good weight as he goes through his career, but I think just adding weight to say, 'I'm going to get 10 pounds heavier' probably doesn't have a lot of merit to it."

The thought of Adrian Peterson at 230 pounds would have to scare the daylights out of every opposing defense on the Minnesota schedule next season, provided that Peterson could keep his outstanding speed.  Peterson's philosophy is that the added mass would help him more easily withstand the pounding he takes throughout the course of the year.

#28 is already the best combination of speed and power in the NFL at the running back position, and I'd hate to see him have to sacrifice one of those things at the expense of enhancing the other.  Again, if he can keep his speed and elusiveness while putting on another 10 pounds or so, then I'm all for it.  But, to be honest, rather than concentrating on that. . .or possibly in concert with that. . .I'd rather see him work on his pass-blocking and pass-catching skills.  Adrian Peterson is a very unique player, but in order for him to be even more of a threat, he has to be able to justify to Brad Childress that he needs to remain on the field on third downs and in passing situations.  While he's a special player already, we'll never know exactly how great Peterson can be until he makes himself a more versatile threat, in my opinion.

What do you folks think?  Should the best running back in football be trying to pack on the pounds?  Discuss it here, and we'll be back with more tomorrow!