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Access Vikings gives the scoop that our very own Sidney Rice has a blog on his personal website that he writes all by himself:

Just saw wide receiver Sidney Rice’s personal website which features his own blog. In it, he writes that his second season was a “3 or 4″ on a scale of 10 and talks about his offseason workout program in Miami with Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber.

Here's the link to #18's blog.

It looks like there are only two entries thus far (one each from February and March), but they're both a decent read. Unfortunately, I'd have to agree with Sidney's assessment of his 2008 season. But it sounds like Sid the Kid has been kicking some ass in the offseason with workouts in which "[e]verybody throws up almost every time we go through it."

Yeesh. I just threw up in my mouth a little just thinking about such a workout. Then again, that might have more to do with my lunch choice.

Hopefully Sidney will keep up with his new venture to provide us with some interesting insight. But if he decides that he'd rather focus on becoming the wide receiver we're all hoping he can be in 2009 instead of blogging, I'd be totally OK with that.

Let's crank that "3 or 4" up to 11 Sid!