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2009 Draft - Rookie Draft Reels (linkfest)

It's been a while since I've posted anything - at least since April Fools Day (Cutler to Vikings - oh please!).  So this first day of May, 2009 - I've decided to put together a small compilation of highlight reels to welcome our "new class" of rookies and draft picks.

I've always been more of a visual guy - video to watch; data to relate stats to, so this should (hopefully) be interesting enough to sit down and crack a cold one (or two) to.

It's an exciting time, watching the new boys in action...even if it is in the past.  I feel, and hopefully most of you do as well, that after watching these videos - we made some great picks.  Of course, we'll have to see, but I would personally like to welcome the rooks to the team with a solid SKOL VIKES!


Minnesota Vikings # 12 - Percy Harvin (WR) - Florida


Minnesota Vikings # 71 - Phil "Boatload" Loadholt (OT) - Oklahoma (wearing #79)


Minnesota Vikings # 30 - Asher "Alien" Allen (CB/DB) - Georgia (wearing #30)


Jasper "Casper" Brinkley # 54 (LB) - South Carolina (wearing #52)

(and I particularly love this hit)


Jamarca Sanford #33 (S/DB) - Southern Miss (wearing #13)