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Mark Your Calendars: Vikings "Five Greatest Games" DVD Coming 18 August

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I hadn't heard much about it before now, but the good folks at are already taking pre-orders on a DVD entitled "Minnesota Vikings Five Greatest Games."  The DVD set is currently slated to be released on 18 August and retail for $27.99.

Unfortunately, the five games that will be included on the DVD set have not yet been announced. . .and, since material is running a little thin these days unless we want to re-hash the quarterback thing ad nauseum. . .which I'll probably end up doing in the next day or two anyway. . .we can use this thread to debate which games should end up on this DVD set.

Some nominees, just off the top of my head. . .

-The Vikings' first ever NFL game, where some rookie named Fran Tarkenton came off the bench and threw for four touchdowns as the Vikings defeated the Chicago Bears 37-13.

-Joe Kapp setting an NFL record with seven touchdown passes in a game in a 52-14 massacre of the Baltimore Colts in 1969.

-Anthony Carter's amazing performance in the 1987 NFC playoffs against the San Francisco 49ers.

-Randy Moss single-handedly destroying the Green Bay Packers as a rookie in 1998.

-Speaking of humiliating the Packers.

-There's the Adrian Peterson/Devin Hester show from 2007. . .and, of course, Adrian Peterson setting the single-game rushing record against the San Diego Chargers.

What games would you put on your own, personal "Five Greatest Games" DVD for the Beloved Purple?  I'll come up with a list of my own later on, but I'll open the floor for discussion first.