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Saturday's Notebook: The Favre Revenge Factor

Why, hello there.

First things first -- I'm Anthony, the new guy here at Daily Norseman.  I'm a lifelong Vikings fan, a Twin Cities resident, and someone who isn't ashamed to admit that I desperately cling to a hope that I'll witness this team claiming the Lombardi Trophy at some point during my life (but hey, that's what being a fan of the purple is all about).

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- there isn't another team in professional sports that I find quite as compelling as the Vikings.  A team that's frequently been on the cusp of winning the big one, and yet has an uncanny ability to break your heart time and time again.  I like to use the Charlie Brown analogy in talking Vikes -- the ball has been yanked away from us each year since the 1961 season, but somehow, with the 50th Super Bowl-less season on the horizon (sorry for reminding you), there's not another NFL team we'd even consider rooting for.  Once you become a Vikings fan, it ain't easy to escape.  In an odd way, you've gotta love being a fan of the National Football League's perpetual underdogs -- there's a charm to it, in a sense.

Here's to a great 2009 season -- and in the meantime, Gonzo, myself, and everyone else here at Daily Norseman will be working to keep you updated on your favorite team.  And with that, let's dive into some news and notes, shall we?

Brett Favre Declares He Shall Kick Ted Thompson's Ass

Though the lunatics nut jobs crazies passionate fans of the Green Bay Packers might tell you differently, it's important to remember that Brett Favre is, after all, a human being and is prone to the human emotions that us humans commonly experience in the midst of our human affairs.  As such, you can bet that he'd love to give Teddy Thompson's team a good ass-whooping twice a season -- in fact, rumor has it that the graying quarterback even said something of the sort to Roger Goodell:

Scott Hanson of NFL Network reports that retired (for now) quarterback Brett Favre told NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that Packers G.M. Ted Thompson doesn’t want Favre to play for Minnesota "because he knows I’ll kick his ass twice a year."

I wouldn't doubt it. 

Both sides -- Favre and Thompson -- did indeed handle the situation poorly last summer, so it's certainly shortsighted for Farve to pin that circus on the tail of the Packers front office. (Can ya really blame them for wanting to turn the page on the Favre regime while desiring to see what they had in Aaron Rogers?)  But hey, if he ends the drama, joins up with the Vikes, and the kick-Thompson's-ass factor provides him motivation for producing two memorable performances when the Vikings encounter the Pack, then let the ass-kicking commence as far as I'm concerned. 

There are a number of factors that will play into Favre's decision on whether or not to make a return, but there's absolutely no question that the possibility of a little revenge will be nudging him back to the field.

Now, it's probably important to draw a distinction here between the general football culture in Green Bay and the elements of the front office that Favre feels bungled his desire to make a comeback last year.  We may enjoy ourselves in making fun of the disturbing unstable obsessive dedicated folks who flock to Lambeau Field on a regular basis, but I don't doubt that Favre still possesses great respect for the football culture of Green Bay.  He just lost respect for the fellas inhabiting the front office, namely our pal Ted.

Favregeddon: Paying a Visit to Dr. Andrews

In other Favre news, you've more than likely heard by now that Brett has paid a visit to a certain very well-known surgeon to explore treatment options for his partially torn biceps.

Quarterback Brett Favre consulted renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews regarding options for healing the partially torn biceps tendon in his throwing shoulder this week, according to a source.

The source said Andrews and Favre experimented with one of several exercises that could accelerate the process of the tendon releasing on its own. During an interview with ESPN in February, Favre mentioned that he had a partially torn biceps tendon in his left shoulder during his Green Bay Packers career and that the pain subsided once it completely tore naturally.

On the subject of factors that could either push Favre back to the league or keep him on his riding lawnmower in Hattiesburg, I'd argue that this is virtually the only reason that could keep him in retirement.  True, a valid argument could be made for the enthusiasm with which the Vikings approach him -- failing to sufficiently pad his ego could very well prompt Brett to remain retired -- but at the end of the day, he's coming back if he's healthy enough to avoid surgery.  As unreliable as the mainstream media's been throughout this saga, that seems to be the common narrative in the reporting we've seen: If he's healthy, he'll be in purple.

Disregard the supposed back-and-forth that Favre is going through.  Patrick Reusse hit the nail on the head a couple weeks ago -- this is all part of the Brett Favre dance.  Don't know if I agree with Reusee's argument that Favre's desire to return is the result of "a weird insecurity," but I see little doubt that Favre's gonna drag his feet on this to avoid the OTAs.  Unfortunately for us, that means several more weeks of the manufactured storylines in the mainstream media, several more weeks of the all-knowing unnamed sources either telling us that a deal is imminent or that it's all suddenly falling apart, and several more weeks of this team remaining in limbo.  If you want Favre, though, that's just the price you pay.

(Sorry Gonzo -- despite the news of Favre having his injury checked out, I think we're still a loooong way from witnessing the final act of this three-ring circus.)

Bizarre Charlie Walters Theory of the Day

The "Bird Whisperer," Charlie Walters, has always been more entertainment than anything for me.  Not exactly a journalistic integrity aficionado, this wildly inaccurate columnist's idea of reporting is essentially dreaming up implausible rumors and theories -- like this one, for example:

The timing of the impasse of the Minnesota Vikings' contract extension talks with Pro Bowl cornerback Antoine Winfield is becoming curious.

The Vikings might be waiting to see if they can sign quarterback Brett Favre, 39, who could cost as much as $10 million this year, before deciding whether to sign Winfield, 31, who can become an unrestricted free agent next year and could cost almost $14 million over two years.

Well, it is certainly a shame that talks broke down between the Vikings and the Winfield camp earlier this week, but was it because of the Favre rumors?  I think not, Mr. Walters.  It is indeed curious timing -- I'll give him that -- but, uh, there isn't gonna be a salary cap in 2010 and the Vikes have plenty o' cap room as it is.  I'm just as disappointed as anyone that this team failed to lock down an outstanding cornerback in Winfield for the rest of his career, but I don't quite see the cause-and-effect relationship between that and the Favre saga that Shooter does.