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The Sunday Viking Vegur, Pre-Leave Edition

We missed the Vegur last weekend for. . .well, reasons I'm not entirely sure of, to be honest, but I apologize for having missed it.  We're getting to the dead part of the off-season here, so hopefully we can get enough fresh ideas circulating through the Vikings' blogosphere to keep this as a weekly feature.

This time next week, I'll be sitting in North Dakota waiting for my little sister's graduation to start.  Not sure how much I'll be on after Tuesday (when my plane leaves Gulfport for MSP), but I'll be leaving you in the very capable hands of the Daily Norseman staff during that time period.  Anthony is already bringing the content, and Eric and Andrew and Mike will have some goodness for you while I'm away as well.

With that, here's the Vegur for this week.

--Congratulations to Capital J on having graduated from college and starting a job with the Mankato Moondogs.

--Grant's Tomb goes deep inside the numbers to look at the Vikings quarterback saga.

--The Purple Buckeye has a two-part post about the Vikings' window of opportunity.

--I know I pimped Vikes Geek's article about the Williams situation already, but it's good enough to mention again.

--Vikings Gab and Viking Nation also have looks at the Williams situation.

--And, finally, a warm Vikings' blogosphere welcome to the Zig, who will be replacing Anthony over at Vikings War Cry.

And that's the Vegur for this weekend.  Not a lot of activity out there at this point in time. . .probably due to the dog days of summer sneaking up and smacking us upside the head with all that nasty "real life" stuff that's been taking place recently.  We'll have some more goodness for you as today and tomorrow progress. . .until then, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the rest of your weekend!