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Quick Tidbits from Minnesota Vikings Mini-Camp

Okay, so I'm not going to get to a story about that one guy today.  But it's coming, don't you worry about that.  For now, let's take a look at a couple of the stories coming from the Vikings' mini-camp that don't involve Percy Harvin not being there.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

-Phil Loadholt?  He's apparently very large.  "I see a good competition (at right tackle)," says Brad Childress.  That's weird. . .I see Loadholt beating Ryan Cook like he stole something.
-Also, according to the link above:
--52 players participated in practice today, which seems like a lot
--Asher Allen, the Vikings' third-round selection, stayed late after practice to get some work in with DB coach Joe Woods.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

-The Vikings have invited Marcus Fitzgerald, younger brother of Larry, to camp on a tryout basis.  Fitzgerald the Younger starred at Holy Angels in Minneapolis, much like his older brother did.
-Cole Konrad, a two-time heavyweight wrestling champion for the Golden Gophers, is trying out for the team.  What position?  Who knows. . .I just hope he works out a bit better than the last former Gopher with an NCAA wrestling pedigree (Brock Lesnar).

And, really, that's pretty much it.  Most of the news that's out there on the Vikings at the moment involves hyperventilation over the non-news about Percy Harvin or that guy that was released by the Jets a few days ago.  So that's all for this evening. . .join us again tomorrow, folks!