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The Sunday Viking Vegur, Draft Fallout Edition

Well, with the craziness of the draft last weekend, the Vegur kind of got overlooked.  However, that will not be the case this weekend, as we've got all sorts of goodness from last week's draft to look at, as well as other musings related to the Beloved Purple.

Here's the Vegur for this week.

--Capital J has the first whack at a 53-man roster for the Vikings.

--Crom's Corner seems to be a big fan of our draft at this point.

--Grant's Tomb asked a scout from the National Football Post for some perspective on the Vikings' draft class.

--Luft has finally finished remodeling the Locker Room, and has his draft impressions, as well as the "story that just won't die."

--The Ragnarok is curious to see how drafting for needs works out, since that's what the Vikings did this year.

--Skol Vikes has their thoughts on each of the Vikings' draft picks.

--Vike Vision has a little bit about what division rivals think about the potential of that one guy coming to Minnesota.

--The Viking Age reports that Darren Sharper is under the impression that he can run through Adrian Peterson's chest.  It's easy to say these sort of things when you know the Vikings aren't on the Saints' schedule this season.

--Vikes Geek takes a look at what admissions the Vikings are making with their first day picks.

--More on the neverending story from the good folks at Viking Nation.

--Viking Vigil tells us why they feel that Percy Harvin was the perfect pick for the Vikings.

--Lastly, Vikings War Cry kills two birds with one stone with a discussion about both Percy Harvin and that one guy.

And that's the Vegur for this weekend, folks. . .I hope you're swinging by all of these blogs when you get an opportunity, as there are some really talented folks out there writing about the Beloved Purple.  We'll see you back here tomorrow for more purple goodness, ladies and gentlemen!