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The Sunday Viking Vegur, "What's That on Brad Childress' Head" Edition

Seriously, the guy looks almost exactly like the guy that was the sports director at the radio station I worked at in high school.  I'll leave it up to those of you out there that know Bruce to determine whether that's good or bad.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as I wait for the premiere of the new season of Ice Road Truckers, one of the finest shows on TV, it's time for our latest trip around the Minnesota Vikings' blogosphere.  I do, however, have a couple of site-related things to talk about before I get to the linkery.

For starters, May 2009 is the first month in Daily Norseman history that the site has registered 100,000 hits in a single month.  As of this very moment, we're currently sitting at 100,924 for the month.  That brings us to a total of 897,287 in the almost three years the site has been up and running. . .meaning that sometime in the next month to six weeks, we should be hitting the mythical 1 million visit mark.  Believe me, when I first got the go-ahead to be the head writer on this site, it was tough for me to imagine 10,000 hits. . .then it was hard to imagine 100,000.  Now, we're almost to 1,000,000.  It truly amazes me every day what this site has turned into in the (relatively) short time that it's been on the Interweb.  And now that I've surrounded myself with the best damn group of co-writers a guy could hope for, the second million should come much easier than the first million did.  Thanks again to each and every one of you that have made this possible.

The second part of this. . .and I know that I've mentioned this before. . .but I think I'm going to actually pull the trigger on doing a podcast this season, starting when we get closer to Training Camp.  It will hopefully be something similar to the MHR Radio show that John at Mile High Report does, with an hour-long (or so) livecast once a week.  I really like the live format, and I like the interaction that it brings.  As we get closer to the season and I find a time and what not for it, I'll definitely have all sorts of links and other propaganda to lead everyone to it.  Like I said, it's going to be closer to the start of the season, and will likely be in the middle of the week sometime.  Also, with my being back on my Honor Guard rotation from mid-June to mid-September, the day of the week might actually float a bit at first as my schedule allows me to do things.  But, as I've said, I'll let everyone know. . .and if anyone has any advice on this sort of thing, please leave comments here or shoot me an e-mail at the usual address.

With that out of the way, here are our links for this week.

--Capital J takes a look at something that I hope to get more in-depth with this week, that being the new "Wildcat" formation the Vikings are experimenting with.

--Grant's Tomb has, apparently, picked a horse for the Vikings' 2009 quarterback derby.

--Luft Krigare also has some thoughts about the Vikings' mini-camp at the newly remodeled Locker Room.

--Pacifist Viking talks about the sort of articles that get us. . .and sportswriters. . .through the long, dark tea time of the off-season.

--The Purple Trojan is calling for an end to people taking pot shots at Michael Vick.

--The Viking Age looks at the war of words between ESPN football analyst Marcellus Wiley and Fran Tarkenton about the Brett Favre situation.

--Vikes Geek takes a look at the Pat and Kevin Williams situation. . .and he doesn't like the Wall's chances.

--Viking Nation also discusses the Wildcat a bit.  (Man, we need to find a better name for it than that.)

And those are the links for this week, folks.  Enjoy Ice Road Truckers this evening, if you watch it. . .and if you do, feel free to discuss that here as well.  I'm digging up as much info as I can find on the Wildcat formation so that I can figure out exactly what it is and how it can benefit the Vikings, as well as trying to figure out something more Viking-centric to name our version of the attack.  Until then, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy what's left of your weekend, and we'll see you back here tomorrow!