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The Minnesota Vikings Will Sign Brett Favre. . .Unless They Don't. . .In Which Case, They Still Might. . .Possibly. . .

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All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts. . .

If anybody out there needed a reminder of why we dislike Brett Favre around here as much as we do, I hope these past few days have refreshed your memories.  At some point, I expect Favre to go out and file a lawsuit against the folks from TNT. . .because, hey, if anyone knows drama, it's Brett Favre.

Yes, all the contradicting stories that have come out of this situation this week have boggled the mind.  To review. . .

First, Favre was given his official release by the New York J-E-T-S in the wake of their having drafted USC QB Mark Sanchez with the #5 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Then, the Vikings had no comment on Favre.

Then, the Vikings said that they would "discuss" Favre.

After that, Favre sent a text message to ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer stating that he had no interest in coming back to the NFL.

Following that, the word was that Childress and Favre were going to meet somewhere in Mississippi in order to discuss Favre's possible return with the Vikings.  Did I mention that, prior to this, Favre had said he wasn't coming back?

Of course, this meeting was news to Bus Cook, who has the minor task of being Brett Favre's agent, as he played the role of the Iraqi Information Minister and emphatically stated that Favre had no interest in coming back, even as Favre was expressing interest in coming back.

Then, after Childress and Favre spoke. . .via phone, not face-to-face. . .the word was that Favre wasn't coming back, and the drama came to an end.  For approximately 30 seconds.

At that point, it came to light that Favre had sent x-rays of his injured shoulder to the Vikings.  On top of that, the word now is that if "major shoulder surgery" isn't needed, Brett Favre will. . .indeed. . .sign with the Minnesota Vikings.  Maybe.

Seriously, this crap needs to stop.  While Brett Favre may or may not represent an upgrade at the QB position for the Minnesota Vikings on the field. . .a question that's still very much up for debate. . .the drama simply isn't worth it.  In 2008, all Brett Favre wanted was to play for the Vikings, and the Green Bay Packers prevented that from being a possibility by trading him to the Jets and inserting clauses in the deal that would have screwed the Jets over had they attempted to trade him to the Vikings.

Now, just 8 months or so later, the path is clear.  Brad Childress has made it blatantly obvious that he wants Favre in Minnesota.  The Packers can't stand in the way of it happening, and neither can anybody else.  I understand that he needs to be medically cleared after what happened to him last season. . .but if it's determined that the aforementioned "major surgery" isn't needed on Tuesday, the Vikings should demand that Favre have his name on a contract within 48 hours, or be prepared to go on without him.

I understand that nobody loves the drama more than Brett Favre does.  I also understand that his lack of desire to go through off-season activities and other such events are part of the reason he does this sort of thing every year.  However, he's also not a kid any more.  He's going to turn 40 during the 2009 season, and if he signs with the Vikings, he'll be going into his third new offensive scheme in three years.  He can't just waltz in the first day of training camp and expect to be ready to go.  Yes, Childress' offense might be "similar" to what he ran in Green Bay. . .but it's not exactly the same.

To sanitize a commonly used phrase, both the Vikings and Brett Favre need to either defecate or remove themselves from the porcelain waste disposal device.

I'll be back, hopefully sometime this afternoon or this evening, with a look at whether or not Favre would actually represent an upgrade at the quarterback position for the Beloved Purple.  Until then, continue enjoying your weekend, folks!