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Favregeddon: The Locker Room Factor

I found Marcellus Wiley's take on Favregeddon to be pretty interesting -- not necessarily the first part of the video, which mainly deals with an ESPN report of a deadline we now know to be nonexistent, but go ahead and skip to the 1:40 mark to see Wiley call this circus an "indictment on Brad Childress."

It's a compelling case to make: That the longer this goes on, the more Chilly risks losing the locker room.  Forget the potential locker room hazards of bringing Favre into the mix or the problems that might arise from having a quarterback on the roster who isn't terribly engaged with the rest of the locker room -- what about the loss of credibility Chilly might experience?  Does continuing the dance make him less credible in the eyes of the players?

I think it does.  You might get away with sending mixed signals to the locker room in March, but this is June.  One of three guys might be the starting quarterback this September -- and because of the tremendous number of unanswered questions that still remain, could the players start getting fed up with an inconsistent coach?  Absolutely.

What do you think?  Is Chilly legitimately in danger of a locker room meltdown if this continues much longer?