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The Sunday Viking Vegur, Favreless Edition

It's not quite summer yet, but you wouldn't have known that from the 95 degree temperatures and 105 degree heat index here on the Gulf Coast yesterday.  We're approximately six weeks away from the start of Training Camp, and thank goodness for that. . .maybe then we'll have some meaningful stories up here that don't involve Brett Favre in some way.  I know I'm suffering from some serious Favre fatigue, and I'm pretty sure that everyone else is, too. . .except for Anthony, naturally.  It appears that he simply has a stronger stomach for the entire circus than I do.  (-:

To wit, the Vegur for this week is basically nothing more than me pointing at the Vikings' blogroll on the right-hand side of the page. . .because, with a couple of exceptions, the rest of the Vikings' blogosphere is all Favre, all the time as well.  If anyone has suggestions for non-Favre stories that you might like us to tackle here on the site, drop us a line and let us know.  We'd love to hear them!

With that, here are the four non-Favre Vikings' stories from around the Vikings blogosphere that I'd like to highlight today:

--Vikings Gab talks about Jaymar Johnson, our sixth-round pick from 2008 that spent the year on the practice squad and is really impressing in OTAs.

--Vike Vision, still complete with awesome purple-eyed girl header pic, has found a list of the Top 25 players in the NFL, as ranked by the Sporting News.  Tally. . .Vikings 4, Rest of the NFC North 1 (and that one is relatively laughable)

--Grant's Tomb updates us on Troy Williamson, who has somehow not been cut yet by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

--Finally, the folks at Capital J's Corner are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their website.  Congratulations to them on their accomplishment!  This site will turn three next month, and the first year is by far the toughest to get through as a blogger.

And that's it. . .seriously.  The rest of the Vikings' blogosphere has some great Favre takes that you should definitely check out, but for a brief, shining moment, I wanted us to turn away from #4 for a bit.  It will be back to business as usual tomorrow, so we hope that you'll all join us again.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ladies and gentlemen!