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Finally! Favre to Speak Monday on HBO

And Brett Favre's first interview of Favregeddon goes to...Joe Buck? Yes folks, the upcoming trainwreck comedy/variety/interview show known as "Joe Buck Live" will debut Monday night with a Favre interview, and this leaves a burning question for the upcoming hours: Will the interview leave more questions than answers, or will Favregeddon actually start to be resolved with Monday night's show?

I certainly understand why people might think that the interview will resolve little, but I'm hopeful that he'll confirm his plans for the season, regardless of whether he's coming back or not -- with such confirmation and closure obviously being the best-case scenario for Monday. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but we can dream.

What do you think? Will the dance continue after Monday night, or will we start seeing Favre's 2009 plans solidify? I know Buck wants to make a splash with this being his first show, so I wonder if he's bringing Favre on with the knowledge that Brett will be making a big announcement. That'd be a damn good way to launch the series.

If you have HBO, clear out your Monday evening now so you can plant yourself in front of the television. And if you don't, we'll obviously have complete coverage right here -- we'll put together a live blog and open thread for the interview to keep everyone updated throughout "Joe Buck Live," which will air at 8:00p CT.