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Some Final Thoughts for Tonight's Interview

Whelp, this is it.  I have HBO and will be providing updates in real time tonight -- so if you don't have access to the channel, we've got you covered.  Couple quick final thoughts to pass along before "Joe Buck Live" comes on.

First, it's been noted that the topic of the show is described as "celebrities in sports -- fans blur the line between celebrities and athletes."  Eh, fairly interesting topic, and I suppose Buck will at least allude to it during his interview with Favre.  At the end of the day, though, I trust that Buck will devote enough time to the ongoing Favre saga and won't shy away from asking some of the tougher questions.  His comedy credentials may be questionable at best -- I wasn't exactly picturing him as the next Jay Leno when he made a complete ass of himself at Lambeau back in the 2004 playoffs -- but hey, he knows damn well that all eyes are on this interview.  He certainly wouldn't mind getting his new show mentioned in hundreds of articles if the interview breaks some actual news.

Secondly, Werder's saying that a Vikings trainer made the trip to Mississippi on Sunday to talk with Favre about exercises that could improve his shoulder strength.  You may recall BSPN's report last week that Vikings staffers would be observing Favre over the weekend -- so, this means that BSPN faithfully followed up on a past report rather than directly contradicting it.  Hallelujah!

And finally, Seifert has a solid time killing topic over at his blog: If you were in Buck's position, what questions would you ask Favre?  Which topics would you press him on?  Buck must ask him point blank if he's prepared to either announce he's coming out of retirement or will remain in retirement for the season.  It'd be a shame if the interview ended without that basic question answered, much less any pertaining to Brett's possible future with the Vikings.  But anyway, what would you ask him?  Sarcasm would be appreciated, if you're so inclined.

See you tonight!