PFT debating Jackson's status after the arrival of #4.

Could Tarvaris Get Booted?

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on June 18, 2009, 6:35 p.m.

As the NFL world waits for Brett Favre to make up his mind, the folks in Minnesota are beginning to imagine what life with Favre would be like.

It might not include Tarvaris Jackson.

During a chat Thursday, Minneapolis Star-Tribune writer Judd Zulgad wrote that he wouldn’t be surprised if T-Jack was the odd man out in Minnesota if Favre joins the team.

In Zulgad’s scenario, Sage Rosenfels would be the backup this season and potential starter in 2010, with John David Booty slotting behind him.  (Maybe Sage will be reading PFT again by then.)

On one hand, it’s hard to imagine Brad Childress letting go of Jackson, the quarterback he hand selected in his first draft with the franchise. Jackson also continues to have significant support within the Vikings locker room.

On the other hand, Jackson is entering the final year of his rookie contract and, well, he’s Tarvaris Jackson.  Rosenfels is under contract for three more years, and just received a $1.4 million signing bonus.  He’s not going anywhere.

So rather than post my feelings on this at PFT, I would rather do it here since the comment format is more discussion-friendly.


They make a good point about Jackson's contract status, but fail to take into account the fact that getting rid of Jackson leaves us with Sage and Booty next year. I don't see us picking up a real contender at QB in the draft next year, considering the fact that we will likely be stuck with Chilly for at least another year if #4 shows up.

I would imagine if we did draft a QB, it would be Chilly's decision again and we would be in for another 4 year project that he swears he can make into the next McNabb.

Most of you already know my feelings about Jackson, some may even say I am in love with the guy. But for those who don't I will give you a brief synopsis:

He was drafted as a 4 year project at minimum, and was thrown in 3 years too early. He hasn't been able to develop the confidence needed to be an NFL QB and has been hampered by Chilly's inability to adjust his scheme to his players strengths.  He is not as stupid as people claim him to be, though he does have issues with Mechanics and reading opposing defenses. Both of those issues can be ironed out, if given the proper direction.


That said, what do you expect to happen? Can we really let Jackson go, and go into next year again without an option at QB?

Do we try to grab someone like Tebow next year? I don't see that as a viable option considering we will have the 32nd pick next year.   ;)

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