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More Favre: Has the Inevitable Already Happened?

If a certain internet website is to be believed, it's quite possible that it has.

Pro Football Talk is reporting/suggesting that the Minnesota Vikings might already have a signed deal with Brett Favre, and have given the green light to the making of #4 jerseys with Favre's name on them.

Man. . .John David Booty is gonna be pissed.

On the one hand, this IS PFT, and so it's necessary to take this news/rumor with as much NaCl as you deem fit.  On the other hand, if it is true, I really don't think it will surprise anybody.  I hope that it is true, not just because I've already expressed my belief that Favre is an upgrade for this team, but because it would mean that the entire drama would be over for a month or so.

Of course, this is just the side show.  The full circus is coming to Winter Park next month.  Hey, you never know. . .maybe the folks from ESPN will actually kiss Minnesota's butt for a change rather than crapping all over the Vikings like they usually do.  Stranger things have happened.