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King: Favre's Arm Looks Good

Couple Favre-related items of note from Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.  First, King writes that, according to those who have been observing him, Favre's throws are regaining his old velocity:

Brett Favre is throwing the ball with the old zip, evidently. Bob Papa and I had the coach of the high school where Favre is throwing, Neville Barr, on our Sirius NFL Radio show the other day. Favre's been throwing at Oak Grove (Miss.) High School, and Barr said: "He looks good. He said it was still a little uncomfortable, but I thought he threw the ball well. He had a lot of velocity and zip on it.'' It's a matter of time, as we all know. Only a setback in his throwing will stop him from being at Vikings camp.

Well, between this news and Chilly saying last week that Favre is throwing the ball pain free, King's probably right.  We're getting every indication that his arm is only getting better, and because we just passed the four-week mark since Favre had the surgery, his endurance should be improving and the arm should ideally be getting closer to game shape.  On that note, I commend the roughly 50% of Vikings fans who have prepared themselves for the inevitable.

Even if a contract hasn't been agreed to yet -- though Pro Football Talk recently reported there is already an agreement in place -- King writes that completing a deal will not be a problem for either side:

I think whether Favre has agreed to a contract or not -- and reported Sunday night he may well have done so -- there is universal agreement among those close to Favre that the money is either done or absolutely not going to be a problem. Favre's playing for Minnesota if his right arm feels OK by month's end.

The money's going to be a non-issue, and for that matter, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Pro Football Talk's report is accurate and a deal has already been completed (despite the fact that the ever-reliable Bus Cook simply said "no contract" to the Pioneer Press).  Any delays in the contract process would simply be delaying the inevitable, so it'd be surprising if there were any significant squabbles between the team and Cook as a contract was formed.