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Vikings interested in Marvin Harrison?

Commenter SippyCup beat me to the punch on this on the FanPosts, but I thought it's intriguing enough to warrant front-page speculation. There's news from the Pioneer Press' Charley Walters that The Purple are interested in signing Marvin Harrison to a "one-year, low-end" deal.

Who knows how Walters came about this "buzz" and how much validity there is to the story. But of course, after the past couple months, I think we're all used to stories that have equal chances of being valid or complete BS.

Let's be daring here and assume there is some truth wading through this news blurb. If we don't have to break the bank for a chance to see what one of the best receivers in the history of the NFL has left in the tank, I see no downside to pursuing it. If Harrison flops, then we wasted a couple mil, but at least our young WR corps got to learn from one of the best. If he excels, he adds more more crucial piece to a team that could be thisclose to a championship. Our neighbors at Stampede Blue think the addition of Harrison would basically secure the Vikings a spot in Miami next year.

Plus, we'd be able to witness history--he and Favre could be the first pair of senior citizens to connect on a touchdown pass! Free Early Bird Specials for everyone!