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Your Brett Favre Roundup

A few Favre things I want to quickly note, starting with the Bird Whisperer reporting that Brett was recently in Minnesota to get his arm checked out at an Edina medical facility:

Pssst: A little birdie says Brett Favre was spotted at Tria Orthopedics in Edina on Monday for an examination of his throwing arm, which is recovering from surgery to release a frayed biceps tendon.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't remember another report of Brett ever actually being in Minnesota during this saga -- so it's probably noteworthy that the team is keeping closer and closer track of his recovery.

Then we have a former and current player with quite different takes on Favre's latest comeback plans -- Rodney Harrison is sick and tired of this whole thing and claims that all the players he's talked to view Brett as "pretty selfish," while Al Harris has another perspective.  Harris doesn't think Favre would be hurting his legacy by playing for the Vikings, telling Sirius NFL Radio that true Packers fans will "always love Brett Favre, wherever he plays."

In a way, I think both guys are making solid points.  When it comes to Harrison's comments, I don't think it makes much difference at all what the 31 NFL locker rooms outside of Minnesota think of Favre, but it's fairly clear he'll be met with an icy reception by some of the players here.  Ray Edwards, after all, sort of called Favre out on ESPN and it wouldn't be surprising if more members of the team felt the same way but just weren't -- well, reckless enough to say it on television.  But then again, I also think Harris is correct in saying that the talk of Favre damaging his image or legacy is overblown.  I'm calling it right now: Favre gets a huge ovation when he comes back to Lambeau.

Finally, I enjoyed Stephen Colbert's take on the Favre storyline -- he starts the video out with the U.S.'s victory over Spain in soccer and alegations of match fixing at Wimbledon, but the Favre talk starts at the 3:40 mark:

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