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Brett Favre: Eden Prairie's Newest Resident?

I'm hearing rumors all over the place that Brett Favre has purchased a home on Bearpath in Eden Prairie -- Pro Football Talk has been getting emails about this, it's been on message boards, and KQRS's Tom Barnard apparently said this morning on his radio show that, according to a source, Favre has gone ahead and bought a house.

This can't exactly be substantiated beyond that, but it does seem like a lot of people are hearing the same things from a variety of folks with knowledge of the area -- that Favre will soon be moving to the upscale community.

Perhaps it seems a bit odd for someone to purchase a home in an area he'll only be playing in for a matter of months, but hey, I doubt finances will ever be much of a concern for Brett.  Bearpath is a gated community, and the location would make sense for Favre -- he'd be living near Winter Park if the rumors are, in fact, accurate. 

In case you're wondering how much he'd be dropping on a home, it looks like some of the recently-sold houses in the area have gone for between $585,000 and $1,299,000.  So who knows, if you've got an extra million bucks lying around, you could live near Favre's new Minnesota home.  He might even mow your lawn for you.