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The Sunday Viking Vegur, "It's Freaking Hot Outside" Edition

Yes, it's 9:15 AM on a Sunday morning, my grass needs to be cut, and I'm already looking at 86 degrees here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but according to, it already "feels like" 105 degrees.  For the last week, the heat index in the afternoons has been anywhere between 105 and 110 degrees, which is not terribly conducive to. . .well, anything, really.

And did I mention that it's only 9:15 AM as I type this?

Eh, I guess it could be worse. . .I could be standing out there in my ceremonial Honor Guard uniform like I have on a few other occasions this week.  Don't get me wrong, I love my role in the Honor Guard and everything, but wearing wool from head to toe (along with black patent leather shoes) in this sort of heat is not the formula for making yourself feel peppy and energetic over the long haul.

So, in the interest of getting myself outside before the lawn just spontaneously combusts like a drummer for Spinal Tap, here is the Vegur for this week.

--Our first entry comes from YouTube, where a U of M sports management professor discusses the impact of Brett Favre on the Minnesota Vikings from more of an off-field standpoint.

--Vikes Geek has somehow managed to get behind the scenes and deliver us a transcript of exactly how it came to be that Brett Favre wound up in Minnesota.

--Speaking of videos, the folks at VikeVision have put a couple of interesting ones on their site.

--Grants Tomb discusses a recent article from Michael Lombardi about our own Brad Childress.

--Capital J outlines one of the big battles that will take place in training camp starting next month, that being the fight for spots on the depth chart at CB.

--The Viking Age questions the credibility of one Bus Cook as it relates to the entire Favre situation.  "I can't imagine why anyone would do such a thing," he said sarcastically.

--More Favre, as the Purple Buckeye discusses one of my favorite concepts. . .that being schadenfreude. . .as it relates to the Vikings signing the former Packer and Jet QB.

--Last, but not least, Defensive Indifference takes a look at the impact that Brett Favre will have on Adrian Peterson, and vice versa.

And that's the Vegur for this week, folks.  Stay tuned this next week as, barring something completely crazy happening, this humble little website will see its one millionth visitor!  I'd gush more, but I'm saving that for after it actually happens.  Enjoy what's left of your weekend, ladies and gentlemen. . .and don't forget to hydrate and stay cool!