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Pick the Stat Lines: Running Backs

We've taken care of the quarterbacks, so let's move on to the running backs. Couple ground rules for this one: Based on the overwhelming evidence that Favre will be under center for the Vikings this season, let's assume these stats will occur with Brett as the starting quarterback, and let's also assume both Peterson and Taylor play 16 games.

With that out of the way, here are my predicted stat lines for Peterson and Taylor this season:

Peterson: 1,850 rushing yards, 5.2 yards per carry, 14 touchdowns

Taylor: 400 rushing yards, 4.3 yards per carry, 4 touchdowns

I think it's fair to say Peterson would see a bump in his yards per carry average with Favre as the team's starter -- Adrian is coming off a 4.8 yards per carry average last season. Still, despite the reduced pressure he'll face with a respected quarterback under center, I'm not willing to take the plunge and predict a 2,000 yard season.  I'd like to make that prediction, but the Vikings will, after all, be throwing the ball more with Favre starting.

Just as I had a tough time predicting T-Jack's stats if he were to play a 16-game season as starting quarterback, Chester Taylor's a tough guy to peg for this season.  In the end, I just wimped out and predicted essentially the same rushing stats that he put up from last year -- largely because I expect him to be a focal point of the passing attack this year.  If they're not going to give him more touches on the ground, I'd like to see him get the ball more through the air.

So that's my take -- your turn!