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Now This Has Gone Too Far


Apparently, the Brett Favre to the Vikings affair isn't just a joke to those of us who cheer for the Beloved Purple any more.  It has now reached into the domain of the late night talk show circuit.  Well, part of that circuit, anyway.

The Late Show with David Letterman, as everyone knows, is famous for its "Top Ten Lists."  Now, in this writer's personal opinion, David Letterman ceased being funny about seven or eight years ago, and nobody's had the heart to tell him. . .but with that aside, this one was pretty good.

The subject of last night's Top Ten list was "Top Ten Signs that Kim Jong-Il Should Retire."  And the #3 reason given by the folks from The Late Show?

"Hinting he wants to play quarterback for the Vikings."

Yes. . .when your team's most recent melodrama compares their rumored target to the world's roneriest. . .er, loneliest. . .dictator, I think it's just about time the infatuation comes to an end.

Mr. Childress, Mr. Spielman, Mr. Wilf. . .please make a decision on this so we can either move on or move out.

(WARNING:  One mildly bad word in the embedded video, and it occurs within the first three or four seconds.)