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The Sunday Viking Vegur, Cold & Flu Edition

Yes, as Mrs. Gonzo and myself are the only two people capable of catching the flu when the mercury goes above 90 on the thermometer, so goes our battle this weekend.  Actually, she caught whatever it was that I brought back from the Great White North when I went home on leave a couple of weeks ago, so it's my fault, but she's fighting it off and will hopefully be 100% here before too much longer.

A couple of folks have sent me some good Wildcat info, so look for that article to end up here sooner rather than later.  It won't be anything revolutionary or anything like that, but it will give a look at a couple of the basic "Wildcat" plays and the base formation.  And, if I can get the creative juices really flowing, it will have a more Viking-centric name than "Wildcat" as well.  Why?  Because it damn well has to, that's why.  I don't want ours to be the same as everybody else's.

So, with that, we've got a few stories for your perusal on this week's version of the Vegur.  You can find them after the jump.

--Vikings Gab has a story about John David Booty, who has been the forgotten man in the Vikings' QB derby.

--Skol Vikes has a look at the Vikings' first mini-camp.

--The Purple Trojan details how the Vikings' chances in 2009 seem to hinge on one man. . .and it's a man that doesn't wear #28.

--Pacifist Viking details his criteria for fantasy football running backs.

--Over at the newly remodeled Locker Room, Luft has a couple of stories, including Brad Childress getting grilled by. . .a ten-year old?

--The folks at Grant's Tomb tell us to beware the hype of Off-Season Activities. (Kyries Hebert, anyone?)

--Capital J reports that the Vikings have swapped one receiver for another.

And, yes, the links look a little different this week. . .I'm in the process of playing with some of the new toys that we SBNation writers have been given.

With that, it's time to get back to work around the house here.  Hopefully we'll see you back here again tomorrow for more Viking goodness!