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Favregeddon: The CliffsNotes Version

Yesterday on his Twitter, Judd Zulgad wrote that the Favre story is "always fluid" as "things change minute to minute"  He could not have been more right about that.  When the Favre rumors are dry, they're really dry.  When this storyline suddenly heats up, it really heats up.  We've seen the latter throughout the past 36 hours -- things have cooled off today, but man, the reports were coming fast and furious yesterday.

You'd be excused if you're a little fuzzy on what has happened -- hell, I spent the better part of yesterday blogging about this stuff, and I'm not even sure I fully understand what just unfolded.  Nevertheless, I attempted to condense the last 36 hours into a neat, tidy paragraph, which you'll find after the jump:

It started on Sunday afternoon when Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen reported that Favre underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair his injured right shoulder.  That report hasn't been disputed.  Although it may have seemed like the most obvious sign yet that a Favre comeback is imminent, the report stated that the shoulder is not 100% and Favre is thus wary about making any commitments.  Werder and Mortensen then reported on Monday that Chilly had set a deadline of this week for Favre to make a decision -- and although ESPN (or BSPN as some in the comments are calling it) has apparently stood by this report, Pat Kirwan of and Sirius NFL Radio said the deadline story was "made up" and no such deadline existed.  Meanwhile, Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press Gazette reported that Favre's family has reserved a block of hotel rooms for the November 1st Vikings-Packers game at Lambeau.

So there you have it.

I alluded to this in my summary, but if you look at the NFL main page on, the deadline story is still highlighted despite the fact that a) it makes no sense for the Vikings to impose a deadline while Favre is recovering, unless they're seeking some leverage, and b) Kirwan, a reliable source for all things Brad Childress, has disputed the story.  Unfortunately, this isn't anything unusual -- I've never seen so many contradicting reports and downright irresponsible reporting as I have during these last few months for Favregeddon.  You can now add ESPN to the list of media outlets that appear to have been wrong about something Favre-related during the last several weeks

The latest bit of news in this saga is, of course, that information about the hotel reservations.  Does it mean anything?  Eh, maybe.  The reservations were made roughly two months ago so they were made by a family member who either knew a lot more than we did at that point or was just being precautionary.

Now, would someone mind going on-the-record about this stuff?