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They Say That Yesterday Was Our Birthday

Okay. . .a couple of things have come up in the past couple of days that need to be addressed.  And while I could probably do this as a FanPost, I want to make sure that everyone sees it, so into the main section it goes.

Yesterday, this site celebrated three years of life on the Internet.  Most of that time left the readers with only the ability to comment rather than having the ability to contribute FanPosts or FanShots.  Since those abilities because part of DN, however, we've had almost 1,300 FanPosts and 173 FanShots to go along with the 42,893 comments that this blog has seen over its entire life span.

During that time, I haven't really done a lot of moderating on the FanPosts.  Some people may see that as me being lax or slacking. . .I, personally, see it as me having faith in my readers and members to act like big boys and girls when they have discussions here.  For the most part, this is exactly what's happened over that time frame.  I don't mind off-topic discussions. . .heck, I've done my share of off-topic posts on the main page here in the past, too.  (If I dig through the archives far enough, I can probably find the review of Guitar Hero III I did way back when.)  I know we have a diverse community of Vikings fans here, and our entire lives don't revolve around the Beloved Purple.  If people want to discuss video games, cars, TV shows, or whatever, then that's fine.  I don't have a problem with that, and I won't have one any time soon.

The only real rule that I have for FanPosts is to keep things civil.  Everybody has an opinion on things. . .some people are a bit more vociferous about their opinions than others.  That's just the way people are.  If you think that someone is showing especially unruly or disrespectful behavior, flag their comments, tag them as inappropriate, those sorts of things. . .that's what those options are there for.  My schedule has gotten busier over the past couple of months, to be sure, but I still check the site religiously, and I've almost always got my Control Panel open in a separate window at work or here at my desk.  If someone gets flagged too often, they will get warned.  If their conduct continues, they will get banned. . .just the same as it's always been.  I hate banning people. . .save for the sorts of douchebags that deserve that kind of thing. . .but I don't hate it to the point where I won't do it.

I do also have to ask that we observe the NO POLITICS rule on this site.  It's sort of an unspoken SBNation network-wide policy to not do too much in the way of politics on the sites.  This also extends to posts about the military.  Discussions about the military are inherently political in nature, especially given the climate we currently find ourselves in, and what might start out as something that is meant in tribute or that means well can quickly degenerate into something other than what the original poster intended.  I'm proud as hell of my military service, and I know that we have other current and former Veterans that frequent the site as well who are also proud of it.  However, I don't want anything to come down that could potentially be disrespectful towards the men and women of the military, and discussions about the men and women that lead or have led them in the past are, sadly, inevitable when talking about such things.  I'm leaving the current FanPost about soldiers and so forth up. . .for now.  If it gets too political, it will get yanked.  I saw where the original poster asked that the FanPost be removed.  Hence it has been.  If anyone wants to discuss politics at any time, I heartily recommend and endorse this site.

Thank goodness that we're only about three weeks from the start of Training Camp, huh?

Back later on with some more, folks.  Until then, keep enjoying your Saturday!