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Will T-Jack Seek Trade if Favre Signs?

According to NFL Network's Michael Lombardi, Tarvaris Jackson may seek a trade if Brett Favre inks a deal to become the Vikings' starting quarterback.  Here's a link to the video, in which Lombardi says he's been "hearing talk" of the possibility that T-Jack will demand a trade and look to continue his development outside of Minnesota.

If Tarvaris goes through with that, he'd be making a terrible mistake.

Asking for a trade would be ignoring a couple key facts: Brad Childress remains solid in his support of Jackson, and the Vikings will likely be heading back to the drawing board at quarterback after this season.  If T-Jack wants to continue his development as a possible starting quarterback in the NFL, Minnesota is as good of a place as any.

The team's pursuit of Favre isn't any horrible insult to Jackson or Rosenfels -- these are just unusual circumstances, and it would be an error in judgment for T-Jack or Sage to take this personally.  The bottom line is that neither quarterback has the body of work to be insulted that the team is looking at replacing them with a future Hall of Famer.  If they want to leave, fine, but they shouldn't pretend to be outraged that the Vikings are considering Favre over them.

Minnesota remains T-Jack's best hope, and he'd be foolish to leave.  Where else will he find a coaching staff willing to commit so much to him?  And where else will he find such a good chance to start in 2010?

Who knows if Lombardi's even hitting the mark with this report -- we've seen more than enough of these gossipy reports proved wrong over the last several months.  I'd like to think that T-Jack is smart enough to hold a clipboard for a season if Favre starts for the Vikings, because if he sticks it out, he'll probably have some good opportunities in 2010.  But if he does demand a trade, he'll be making by far the biggest mistake of his career.  Don't do it, T-Jack.