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Paul Hornung? More Like LOL Hornung

Gotta give a hat tip to Florio and Friends over at Pro Football Talk for digging up this story.  Apparently NFL Hall of Famer Paul Hornung was at a banquet not long ago and the subject of Brett Favre came up.  Here's the proverbial money line from the story.

"(Favre) ain't going to win in Minnesota," Hornung told the crowd on Tuesday night. "I'll bet on it."

Given Hornung's history, I'm not surprised that he'd bet on it.

However, I'm not sure exactly how many grains of salt we should take Hornung's prediction with.  After all, I would generally be willing to bet that nobody would give a Heisman Trophy to a guy that played college football for a team that went 2-8.  I would also generally be willing to bet that a guy that once got suspended from the NFL for an entire year for gambling wouldn't be anywhere near the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

But, in both cases, there's Paul Hornung, defying the old conventions.

Seriously, Paul Hornung hasn't got a clue.  He should speak more on topics that he actually knows something about. . .you know, stuff like illegal gambling, Notre Dame's decades-long battle with chronic overratedness, and so forth.

EDIT:  Per Anthony's query, it appears that Hornung had no comment on ways for Notre Dame to get their hands on more black athletes.

To borrow a line from Dean Wormer. . .ignorant, racist and stupid is no way to go through life, son.