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Chilly's Giddy for Favre

I previously thought Chilly's fascination with Tarvaris Jackson to be indestructible. The idea of separating the two seemed almost as impossible as separating Chris Kluwe from World of Warcraft -- just wasn't gonna happen. But if there's another quarterback who can give Chilly a giddiness we once thought only Alabama State quarterbacks could give him, his recent interview with Grandpa Sports is revealing:

Childress added, "I think [Favre] is a top-five passer in the NFL, and obviously if he has all of his faculties, if he can play the way he wants to, there is no reason he can't be that way."

A top-five passer in the NFL this season? I don't know about that, but hey, I can hardly blame Chilly for being excited about the upcoming arrival of Favre. He's getting a solid quarterback without having to give anything up (except perhaps JDB) and without having to admit that Sagevaris Jacksonfels would have been an underwhelming option at quarterback for a team looking to contend. Favre will surely raise expectations for the Vikings and put more pressure on the team than we've seen in quite some time, but he could also be Chilly's ticket to avoid the unemployment line.